Redesigned and Ready to Go!

Today I’m launching my newly redesigned website and blog. I hope you will take a moment to bookmark my site to visit often and follow the blog. My passion in my professional life is to create unique and personalized fashion for people and their homes. Along the way I am able to work with traditional techniques, often blending those with more modern methods. But never short cutting quality. There is the distinct pleasure of taking a client’s vision for a special item and turning into reality. To take a stash of t-shirts, baby clothes, or a loved one’s garments and turn them into a special quilt. To bring buried treasures from “the attic” to a new home. Travel with me on this journey! There are stories to tell, questions to answer, and pictures to share. If you have always wondered about something in this world drop me your question via the contact link and I’ll try to answer it in a blog post!

This is the detail for a 18th century reproduction gown. The embroidery was done by machine in collaboration with Snow Leopard Creations. Then darker metallic thread was used to highlight the veins. Finally the caps on the acorns were beaded using clear thread and seed beads in shades of silver and purple.
Today is also the day that this custom quilt created for Muskegon Civic Theatre to celebrate their 2018-2019 season will be raffled off at their annual volunteer picnic. It was so fun to create! #muskegoncivictheatre